How to Change a WordPress Theme in MySql (PhpMyAdmin)

    New plugins or theme updates can brings new issues or errors in your current theme. Sometimes you need to change your theme or reset the password directly in the database because you are unable to enter the WordPress admin area to switch the theme. This article will help you on how to change a WordPress theme in MySQL database.

    To change WP theme in PhpMyAdmin follow these steps:

    1. Log in inside the phpMyAdmin and look to the left hand sidebar. Select and click on your specific WordPress database.
    2. From your WordPress database, select the wp_options table.
    3. Look to the horizontal tab menu on the screen and click on the Browse tab option (by default you are in this tab right now).
    4. Under the option_name column, find the template and stylesheet entries. You may find these records on the second page.

      template and stylesheet entries
      template and stylesheet entries
    5. Click on the Edit button in the same row with the template entry.
    6. Change the value to the name of your theme (the name must be the same as your theme’s folder name) in the option_value column.
    7. Save it.
    8. Do the same thing with the stylesheet entry.

    Now is your WordPress theme activated from within the database.

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