How to find what version of WordPress is running?

Simply question, how do we find out what version of WordPress is running? For beginners a useful thing. There are several options how to find out.

First option:
Every WordPress install has a readme.html file. So just try to type

Second option:
Look in a wp-includes/version.php file. You can find something like this:

 * The WordPress version string
 * @global string $wp_version
$wp_version = '4.8.2';

Third option:
You should be able to view source on the site and look for this meta tag (work in older WordPress version):

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.8.2" />

Fourth option:
You can see the WordPress version by clicking the WP logo which is located at the left-top position in admin side. You will see a title like this: “Welcome to WordPress 4.8.2”.

Fifth option:
You can get the WordPress version by the following code:

<?php bloginfo('version'); ?>

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