How to bulk delete WordPress comments in PHPMyAdmin

Any user working on the computer system has the option in quickly deleting all the WordPress comments by using MySQL or phpMyAdmin. This particular method has a recommendation for all advanced users. The first step is logging in to cPanel dashboard of your hosting account of WordPress. Once you can view the databases section, then the option is there to click on phpMyAdmin.  

Details associated with deleting WordPress comments and phpMyAdmin

Once you would be inside phpMyAdmin, then you can look out for locating your WordPress database. You can then view the page like this which would show all the WordPress database tables. 

From this position onwards, you will need to find two relevant tables. The significance of WordPress Installation in this regard will have a lot of importance. It is only after the installation of WordPress; viewing all tables will become possible. These two tables indeed would be ‘wpprefix_comments’ and ‘wpprefix_commentmeta’. Once you can find them, then select both of them by marking a check to their respective boxes positioned towards the left. Then you can surely scroll down and then make efforts for finding a drop-down menu which says “With Selected”.

You can then click on it and then select the option of “Empty” from the list. After this stage, you would be then asked to have confirmation if you can go ahead with this or not. You would have to click on ‘Yes” for deleting the entire comments from the database. A warning even would be demonstrated by PhpMyAdmin before you can empty the tables.

You can continue further after pressing the yes button. It will help you in deleting all the WordPress comments from your database. You would also have the option in deleting the entire comments of WordPress with the help of using MySQL console (the command line). You can do this by simply logging in to your MySQL console and then run this particular command. 

You would also be in a position to see the entire comments cause on your site get deleted as you may have noticed, that it is very much easy in bulk, deleting the comments of WordPress. The most important aspect is that with the help of using a plugin or with the help of phpMyAdmin, you can remove all the comments in no time.


That’s it; we hope this article will prove very valuable for you in quickly deleting all the comments in WordPress. We even hope that you should not struggle to understand all the easy steps in bulk, deleting the WordPress comments in phpMyAdmin. You can surely follow some more of our articles in the future to enhance your knowledge about WordPress further.

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