How to Disable Right Click on WordPress

Are you worried about having your images stolen from your WordPress website?

Then you need to know how to disable right click on WordPress

By disabling right clicks, you can stop the site’s visitors from cutting, copying, pasting, saving images or seeing your site’s code with the inspect command, amongst many other things.

(But if you’re using the site as the Administrator or Site Editor, you can generally still use those options above without problems)

Although you can’t 100% stop users from copying things from your website, you can make it a lot harder to do, significantly reducing the chances of it happening.

Interested yet?

Then read on until the end of this article to know the best way to do disable right clicks on WordPress!

And first of all, to the burning question in your head…

How to Disable Right Click on WordPress?

Simple. Just install a plugin.

If you browse through the WordPress plugin database, you’ll find a variety of plugins that can protect your site’s content and block commands and clicks that allow visitors to copy it without your permission.

We’ve separated a guide for the 2 best plugins to disable right click on WordPress for you. Here they are:

1. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click Plugin

This plugin takes the task of disabling right click to another level.

Not only does it allow you to turn off right clicks, it also lets you disable the CTRL + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + X, CTRL + S, and CTRL + V commands (and the OS X equivalents). It even lets you turn off the ability to select text.

This means you can thoroughly protect your images and text.

Within the WordPress admin area, you will find a setup menu to control the bans that the plugin generates and enable CSS protection.

The basic functions of the plugin are free, but you can upgrade to the pro version and enjoy other functions like jQuery overlay protection, watermarking and more.

Another one of WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click’s features is showing a message warning that the content is protected to anyone who tries to right click on your webpage.

How to install:

  1. Download it here
  2. Extract the zip file to the wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. Use WP-Admin to activate the plugin in the Plugins tab of your dashboard

2. No Right Click Images Plugin

For those who are predominantly worried about the images on their websites, this is the ideal plugin.

Prevent users from copying or pirating your images with this easy-to-use plugin, which utilizes JavaScript to disable the right-click action on IMG tags.

This plugin disables the right clicks on images only, which means that other right click actions function normally.

Also, some browsers prevent JavaScript from modifying the context menu behavior. To work around this issue, the plugin uses a replacement image that will be briefly used when the image is clicked.

A useful feature of this plugin is that you can disable the dragging of images, to prevent users from dragging the image from the page to their PC and disable touch events that let you prevent users from downloading your site’s images when using smartphones or tablets.

How to install:

  1. Download it at this page
  2. Upload what you’ve downloaded into the wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Activate it on the Plugins tab in your dashboard

That’s it! You’re now ready to protect your website by disabling right clicks!

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