How to Manually Sort WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is a great way for the user to create an online store for their blog so they can sell products on it. This plugin is both easy to install and use, which is perfect for every blogger. A user would choose this plugin as it is easy to customize and is flexible when creating listings. It also offers features such as secure payment, tax management, and shipping integration. It is very popular and well-known software that many bloggers utilize. Another amazing feature is its ability to sell anything. No matter what the product is, WooCommerce is able to sell it. This can range from digital to physical products, as well as subscriptions. It is very easy to sell all these different types with this plugin.

Woocommerce is also a very swift platform. It runs smoothly and quickly, which is important for keeping customers on it. People do not want to be on a slow website, especially when trying to purchase products; it is extremely inconvenient. However, WooCommerce eliminates this problem entirely.

Despite its general ease of use, it can be difficult to sort the products according to your choice. This is because WooCommerce, by default, is set to “Default Sorting”. This simply sorts the products according to WooCommerce’s algorithm. The function to create a custom order is somewhat hard to find, but it can certainly be done.

Step One

  1. The first step to achieving custom sorting is to go onto WordPress. Then you need to press on the “Products” button.

Step Two

2 . The second step is to press “Edit”, which is located on any one of the products.

Step Three

3. The last step is to head down to the product data area and click “Advanced.” There will be an area where you can change the product order.

As you can see, the function to customize the product order is a bit hidden, but it is not a huge problem. It is simple enough to find, providing you follow the steps above. It is very important for every WooCommerce user to know about this function because it allows one to select which products people will see first. Customers are more likely to pick the first options when shopping, as it is much easier than scrolling through different products. For example, people do not like searching for multiple pages to find their desired product. This is why it is so important to list the most popular, better-selling wares first so they will be purchased frequently.

In addition to this customizable feature, there are many others. They all contribute to a professional-looking, functional, online store. One example of this is the ability to customize the themes on WooCommerce. It is very easy to choosing and edit themes for your WooCommerce store. These themes add to the professional atmosphere that each store ought to have. WooCommerce’s greatest asset is its customizability and this really promotes a genuine, authentic feel to your store.

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