What is WordPress XML-RPC & How to Disable XML-RPC in WordPress

    XML – RPC is an interface that is used for WordPress. Mostly older versions of WordPress like 3.4 used an XML as an interface. But XML RPC as the software with open code is more than that. XML–RPC is the system that allows the communication between different system making the flow of any information. XML function is the open system that approaches everyone to use WordPress installation function. XML remote procedure call (XML – RPC ) allows everybody the exploration of the valuable WordPress installs. Content Management Service ( CMS ) like WordPress is extremely open to developing the other installation and systems by allowing the other platforms to do it.

    XML – RPC is known as API that allows many other developer experts to build and to develop mobile phone application and apps for the desktop by using WordPress.

    This option is not always acceptable from some consumers or developers in WordPress. You can disable this function if you want to save it from unwanted attacks from the other platforms. Blocking or disabling the function of XML – RPC for specific or for all users will be easy for you to it.

    Disabling XML – RPC option in WordPress

    You have the option to disable this option XML – RPC to build your security to use WordPress on the higher level. Once you disable the XML – RPC, there is the possibility to enable it again. So, follow carefully the next few steps.

    ON your dashboard in the left column with options, you have an option XML – RPC Settings. By clicking on the option, the Settings will be just in front of you. The first setting to Disable XML – RPC Pingback needs to be checked. The next option is to Enable XML – RPC for … This option allows you to manually add specific IPs that you want to enable XML – RPC. The same thing is for option Disable XML – RPC where you fill in the specific users you want to stop with the approach to WordPress installations.

    The further options you can pick are to Block or Disable XML – RPC for all users. Depends on what you want to choose to be specific, and don’t forget to check one more time every step before choosing necessarily Save Changes. It would be the final step. The development of XML – RPC is still active and it will be in the future. For some developers, this is the very valuable open code that gives them the power to increase new applications by using simple installs of WordPress. On the other hand, the development will reduce the impact of XML – RPC on the WordPress secure usage.

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