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  • Your #WCEU 2019 Event Guide – How to Keep Yourself Busy at WordCamp Europe 2019
    by Adelina Tuca on 17.6.2019 at 11:39

    I hope you’re just as stoked as we are to attend this year’s WordCamp Europe 2019! Just to refresh your memory, it’s all happening in Berlin, Germany and it’s THE place to meet like-minded WordPress people of all paths and professions. Here’s everything you need to know about #WCEU 2019, the sub-events you can can attend, and other information that may come in handy. […]

  • How to Properly Change a WordPress Theme (Ultimate Guide)
    by Editorial Staff on 17.6.2019 at 11:00

    Are you planning to change the WordPress theme of your website? WordPress makes it super easy for users to change and manage themes on their site. However, you must remember that changing the appearance of your live website is a major event. You need to… Read More » The post How to Properly Change a WordPress Theme (Ultimate Guide) appeared first on WPBeginner. […]

  • 16 Tips for Mastering the WordPress Content Editor
    by Editorial Staff on 14.6.2019 at 11:00

    Majority of WordPress users spend most of their time using the content editor to write posts and create pages. WordPress comes with an intuitive Gutenberg block editor that is very easy to use. However, as a power user, you can significantly increase your productivity by… Read More » The post 16 Tips for Mastering the WordPress Content Editor appeared first on WPBeginner. […]

  • 9 of the Best Node.js Hosting Platforms of 2019 (Free and Paid)
    by Colin Newcomer on 13.6.2019 at 10:13

    Looking for the best Node.js hosting for your next application project? In this post, I’ll share a variety of premium and free Node.js hosting services for users of all knowledge levels. […]

  • How to Change Your Password in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)
    by Editorial Staff on 13.6.2019 at 10:00

    Do you want to learn how to change your WordPress password? Sometimes you might forget your password or need to change it for security reasons. While there is a lost password link on the login page that lets you reset your password, sometimes the WordPress… Read More » The post How to Change Your Password in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide) appeared first on WPBeginner. […]

  • Should You Hire a Freelancer? Find Out if They’re Going to Be a Good Fit for Your Team
    by John Hughes on 10.6.2019 at 13:48

    As your company grows, you may find that your existing team is no longer able to handle all the work necessary to keep things running. This means you’ll need to conduct some hiring – but what kind of workers should you look for? Should you hire a freelancer? To answer that question, it helps to understand the drawbacks and benefits of working with freelancers. […]

  • How To Disable Comments In WordPress
    by SourceWP Editor on 5.6.2019 at 23:33

    Comments aren't for everybody. On the one hand, they can be an effective way to engage visitors and build a community on your WordPress site. But a comments section can also be a breeding ground for trolls, spam, and links to malware. Want to disable comments on your site? In this post, I'll show you how… Disabling Comments on a Specific Page or Post Let's start with disabling comments on a particular page or post, rather than your whole site. On the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, open the “Pages” or “Posts” tab. Select “All Pages”, then click on The post How To Disable Comments In WordPress appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • WordPress Hosting Survey 2019: According to 6,500+ Respondents, SiteGround Rules, Bluehost Close Behind
    by Karol K on 5.6.2019 at 10:11

    I’m afraid it’s this time of the year again – time to talk WordPress hosting! But instead of us doing the talking, let’s pass the mic to our readers, users, and customers. In other words, it’s time for our annual WordPress hosting survey – 2019 edition! ✨🍾 […]

  • WordPress’ Birthday, Elementor Theme, Trusted Authors Program 🗞️ June 2019 WordPress News w/ CodeinWP
    by Adelina Tuca on 3.6.2019 at 13:52

    This is the June 2019 edition of "This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP." Hi WordPress lovers, welcome to a fresh roundup of news from our community! Just like last month, May was full of interesting events, announcements, and changes in the WordPress ecosystem. […]

  • 5 of the Best Reseller Hosting Providers for WordPress Compared 2019
    by Megan Jones on 30.5.2019 at 12:18

    If you are thinking about getting into the web hosting game, then reselling hosting can be a lucrative business. Whether you are a web agency looking to provide hosting for your clients, or company providing stand-alone hosting options, there are plenty of reseller hosting providers to select from. […]

  • 12 Best GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes for 2019
    by Kaveri Bharali on 28.5.2019 at 10:00

    On May 25, 2018, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. This new law was designed to improve data privacy across Europe. Companies that don't comply with the GDPR can be fined up to 20 million euros. Can you afford that? In this post, I'll show you the best GDPR-compliant WordPress themes for 2019. Newspaper As you may have guessed from its name, Newspaper is designed for writers, magazines, news sites, etc. It supports YouTube videos, accepts cryptocurrency, and can be integrated with Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. It also integrates with Google Ads and The post 12 Best GDPR-Compliant WordPress Themes for 2019 appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • What’s the Best Cloud IDE in 2019? Here Are 9 of the Top Options
    by Shaumik Daityari on 28.5.2019 at 8:32

    Traditionally, it was common for developers to create code using your everyday text editors. From the local machine to the server, terminal-based text editors like VIM and Emacs (as well as GUI-based text editors like SublimeText) are still the go-to options for many developers. However, the increasing popularity of cloud services leads to the rise of cloud IDEs. In this post, we cover the most popular and functional options of today, and try to find the best cloud IDE in 2019. […]

  • How To Remove “/wordpress/” From Your WordPress Site’s URL
    by Kaveri Bharali on 24.5.2019 at 10:00

    One of the things that has made WordPress the world's most popular content management system is that it's so easy to set up and use. There is one problem that people often run into after they set up their WordPress site, though. Their URL is followed by “/wordpress/”, like “www.yoursitename.com/wordpress”. That looks clunky and unprofessional. Imagine if the sites for The New Yorker or Wired had “/wordpress/” in their URL (both of those sites actually are powered by WordPress, by the way). It's just not right. The root of the problem is that when you installed WordPress, it was saved The post How To Remove “/wordpress/” From Your WordPress Site’s URL appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • 15 of the Best WordPress Podcast Themes
    by Priya on 23.5.2019 at 8:39

    There’s no doubting that the audience for podcasts is increasing steadily. Podcasts have become a convenient way for people to catch up on their favorite shows, listen to music or stay in touch with current news while on the go. Creating content for podcasting websites is a full time job by itself. That’s why it’s important to have a theme that takes care of all the technical details of your website. This collection of best WordPress podcast themes can help you find just the theme you need. […]

  • 11+ Best Cryptocurrency Themes for 2019
    by Kaveri Bharali on 20.5.2019 at 10:00

    Cryptocurrency is digital currency created with code that's removed from any kind of government oversight. This decentralized model offers a brand new way to pay for goods and services over the internet. It's wild, wild stuff. If you have a WordPress site where you want to accept Bitcoin or any other kind of cryptocurrency as payments or donations, here are 11+ themes you should consider: Procoin Procoin is an excellent ICO and cryptocurrency theme that just hit the WordPress market. It allows you to accept cryptocurrencies for payments, of course. It's translation-ready, SEO-friendly, and fully responsive as well.   Crypterio The post 11+ Best Cryptocurrency Themes for 2019 appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links To WordPress Posts
    by Kaveri Bharali on 16.5.2019 at 16:55

    How much money is your WordPress site making you? Regardless of the amount, I bet you wouldn't mind making a little more, right? The Amazon Associates program is an excellent way to earn extra income. This program allows you to choose which Amazon products you want to promote, and then you can earn up to 12% in advertising fees from the sales made through your site. In this post, I'll show you how to get started. Before we begin, I should tell you that the Amazon Associates program isn't going to make you rich overnight. Don't expect that! But once The post How To Add Amazon Affiliate Links To WordPress Posts appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • SourceWP Exclusive: 40% Off DesignEvo
    by Adam Ritchie on 13.5.2019 at 10:00

    Do you love a good deal? Well, we've got a whooper for you here: for the next three months, you can use the following code to get 40% off DesignEvo: DISHFhjUSHkjP With DesignEvo, anyone can create a professional-looking logo for their WordPress site. It gives you 9,000+ templates, 100+ fonts, and many different icons to work with. Also, the DesignEvo editor allows you to customize your logo and truly make it your own. There's a Free version of DesignEvo, but it comes with some restrictions. First of all, you are required to give credit to DesignEvo for logos displayed publicly. The post SourceWP Exclusive: 40% Off DesignEvo appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • How To Protect Your WordPress Site Against Threats
    by Kaveri Bharali on 10.5.2019 at 10:00

    Is your WordPress site secure? If you think it is, how do you know for sure? I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you should never be too confident that your site is protected. New threats are always popping up. The past few years have brought us ransomware, formjacking, cryptomining malware… it's like a game of whack-a-mole that never ends. That said, there are steps you can take to make your WordPress site more secure. If you're not currently using any of the methods listed below, it's time to start doing so: Use Secure Login Credentials Let's start with The post How To Protect Your WordPress Site Against Threats appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • How to Run an A/B Test on Your WordPress Blog
    by Kaveri Bharali on 3.5.2019 at 10:00

    I believe that trusting your gut is overrated. I'd rather make informed decisions. For each new element I add to my site, I test it out to make sure it's actually improving user experience. The classic A/B test is the best tool available for this purpose. In this post, I'll explain to you what an A/B test is and show you how to do it yourself. What is an A/B Test? An A/B test, also known as a split test, involves publishing two versions of your site to see which one performs better. This is where the rubber meets the The post How to Run an A/B Test on Your WordPress Blog appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • Top 10 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2019
    by Kaveri Bharali on 26.4.2019 at 10:00

    Amazon affiliate links are a great way to earn money from your WordPress site, but here's my problem with them: they're long, cluttered, and difficult to remember. There's no easy way to manage a random string of numbers and letters. Of course, I'm not the only one who has this problem. Many plugins have been developed for making affiliate links more manageable. In this collection, I'll show you the best of them. For more information on related topics, check out the following articles: 15 Best WordPress Advertising Management Plugins 7 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins Thirsty Affiliates Thirsty Affiliates The post Top 10 Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins for 2019 appeared first on sourcewp. […]

  • Top 18 Themeisle WordPress Themes for 2019
    by Kaveri Bharali on 19.4.2019 at 10:00

    If you use WordPress, then you should be familiar with Themeisle. For the uninitiated, Themeisle is a WordPress store that offers some of the best themes and plugins that you'll find anywhere. They also have a highly skilled and responsive support staff that will quickly help you out if you ever have a problem with one of their products. In this post, we'll show you the best themes available on Themeisle. Zelle Pro Zelle Pro is a multipurpose, one-page WordPress theme that has a clean, minimalist design. It's perfect for professional firms and creative agencies. It also has a parallax scrolling The post Top 18 Themeisle WordPress Themes for 2019 appeared first on sourcewp. […]

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